For Genealogy Buffs -- what has surprised you the most?

A few of us seem to be into researching family history. What has surprised you the most in what you have found so far?


How far back have you been able to get?


What has surprised me is finding names in my tree that I studied in school, never knowing there was a connection. 


I've gone back well beyond the middle ages on one branch and others  to a couple generations before immigration to the colonies.


How about you? Any tips to share?



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I haven't been able to do much with my Family & for some I may never be able to go back far due to "they never kept such records" & with the other one: well for me to ever find someone to read to me in that language has been difficult. (they do not speak the language either) & that type of immigration is something not revealed. With the other one that immigration after 1492 I may never find much there either English is not Native language.


Plus the record keeper &/or taker had no pronounciation for those types of words/Names & the cursive or letters back then in English are very hard to read.


I will eventually get back to searching yet for me I've been told to never give up.


A Family Affair for me.


Thank you

Stay Healthy!!!

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Hi @LaurajW510385 

I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've had with your genealogical search. It's maddening to have those kind of obstacles. I was blocked for a long time too until finally uncovering my biological mom, and then things started falling into place.


Definitely go back to it ever now and again. I've seen in my own pursuits that records get discovered and handwriting gets deciphered all the time, and entered in readable forms in the newest technologies.  Hope some of these doors open up for you soon.

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Thanks DeahC for your update with this..I will eventually get back to my Family to see what is there in my "internet illiteracy" & do what I might be able to do with some possible records in another country should the ever be anything there in English.


Thank you for your support!!!


Stay Healthy!!!

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