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I just noticed that there is a new 'Weekly News Quiz' on the AARP homepage for those who enjoyed taking them.  Unfortunately, it does not offer rewards points.

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FRUSTRATED! Clicked on "Weekly News Quiz". Was taken to a general quiz page. Took a quiz, and it didn't reward any points. What's the incentive for taking the quiz, if you're not going to give points?
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@k380494p , @andrewtoo , @gm5271 It does now, check it out...


Earn Points Weekly with AARP’s Weekly News Quiz!


What's going on in the news this past week? Take the AARP News Quiz to find out!

Brush up on the biggest news stories of the past week while grabbing those weekly points!

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The Weekly quiz should be a good candidate to receive AARP Rewards points.   The topics are timely, duh, and usually provide information on personal health, finance and recent healthcare industry and drug related topics.

One question is: Do they intend to continue posting the Weekly quiz?


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Thanks a bunch Karen was awesome doing two available I always enjoyed doing these very interesting info 

I'd commented recently about missing these Thanks for finding them & I hope you will post link each week I will look for it

Or is it back on bottom of AARP Main site page? 


Ginger :  ) 

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