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More New Videos Not Rewarding Points

There are six new videos added on the Earn Page today.  I watched two of them, and they were not awarding the 300 points.  I decided not to watch the others until tech support can badge them.  The two videos I watched were:


Importance of Social Distancing Video watched at 11:40 a.m. PST on 3/31/2020


Getting Local Food Sources watched at 11:46 a.m. PST on 3/31/2020


Hope Admin can figure out why the activities are on the Earn page, but not awarding the 300 points.  Seems to be a recurring issue.

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I just played 8 'daily' not new videos.   Only 1 credited.  Waste of time.

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@cd4482 - here to help. I was able to see that 2 videos have been credited for a total of 600 points. What videos did you watch?

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I had a couple of videos fail to give me points today.  Strange for me, I usually get points when I watch a video.  I had a video fail to give me credit yesterday also, but, I keep count of my points earned any given day and I maxed-out yesterday and today anyway.


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Hi @andrewtoo 


Happy Easter!


This has been a recurring issue for me for many months.


Today I also watched a couple videos at the top of my Earn page and did not get the points either.



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@JoLo49 Yes, we're looking into this! 

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