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Earn at AARP should only show active opportunities; or be able to FILTER by All, OPEN, Completed

I know this is trivial; but no one likes to have to scroll down and load more opportunities to find an earning opportunity you have not completed yet for points.  The 'filter' feature is basic for what you can fiter by and it would be more functionable and member freindly if you did not have to go through pages of earning opportunities to find one you have not completed.


I have tried the 'take another' from completing an opportunity, but it is hit or miss if the next opportunity is one you have already completed, or a new earning opportunity.  You do not know until you finish and receive no points because that is when the window is displayed for you either winning points or being notified that no points were issued due to already completing the opportunity or reaching your daily limit.  Also; there should be a countdown on your points total for the day.


Hopefully this is the correct place to mention these improvement suggestions since there is no place to review the AARP Rewards "BETA" website.

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