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What's your favorite regional food in the U.S.?

Do you have a favorite dish/regional specialty that's served only/primarily in one part of the country? What is it and where would we find it?


As a Texan, I have to say Tex-Mex. I can eat it anytime.

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Hands down, apple cider donuts from Fo'Castle Farm (Burnt Hills, NY)!


Have lived most of my life in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I grew up enjoying Chicago Style Hot Dogs from Portillo's & still try to grab one every now & then. My second favorite...the original Red Velvet Cake recipe from The Waldorf in New York. My grandmother made it on special occasions & taught me how to make it. It has also become a loving favorite of my husband who always has requested it for his birthday. My third food love...Texas style BBQ! I can never get enough of it when I visit my sister living outside of Austin.


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New York City-  a hot delicatessan sandwhich consisting of thinly sliced corned beef and mustard on fresh  unseeded rye bread with a very sour pickle served at Katz's delicatessan in Manhattan, New York City.


  1. Definitely Indian Fry Bread from my home state of South Dakota with honey and powered sugar.
  2. Milk Street Cafe at 50 Milk Street in Boston.  The best soups and sandwiches and breakfasts.  You see, Milk Street Cafe is 100% kosher with three kitchens working at once; dairy, meat, and pareve.

Breaded Pork Tenderloin in the Midwest, especially Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana. 


Anything seafood from the New England States. Especially lobster from Maine and scallops from Cape Cod.

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Mexican food in Southwest Arizona.  

Favorite Mexican restaurant in Green Valley, Manuel's.

Great food and plenty of it.

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I’m from Massachusetts, so clam chowder comes to mind.  Living in Maine for 64 years, so I have to say Clam Bake lobster, corn and steamers.  Actually, lobster in any form!


Definitely Scrapple, from the Amish in Lancaster, PA and the Philadelphia, PA area!

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I'm from Baltimore, MD & love Steamed Crabs eaten on brown paper inside a restaurant or @ a picnic table by the water.  It's all yummy !!!  Also, most Baltimore restaurant have a good crab cake 

on their menu.  Don't forget to a glass of cold beer to enjoy with your meal.


I would love to visit Baltimore. I have only been to the airport on the way to D.C. But I want to spend at least a week touring the city. I love seafood which is in short supply in Idaho!

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*Beignets of New Orleans 

*Boiled Crawfish of Deep South 

*Chicken and Dumplings Deep South

*Buttercrunches from Paul's Pastry of Picayune, MS 

*Roast Beef Po-boy from Frost-Top in Picayune, MS 

*Shakey's Pizza (originally ate @ New Orleans) ....but only in Auburn Ala last got there

*Lemon, Buttercream, Raspberry Glazed Croissants of Burney's of Southport, NC 

*Heavenly Hash Eggs & Gold Brick Eggs from Elmer's Candy of Ponchatoula, LA

*Krispy Kreme Doughnuts of NC

*My version of Creole Shrimp (crawfish) Etouffee (MS/NC)

*New Orleans Shaved Ice Pink Lady Snowballs 

*Krystal Burgers & Corn pups 

*Fried Crab Claws from Destin,Fla 

All of these are yummy and bring smiles of delight

Ginger ; ) 


Bay scallops on Cape Cod, MA and clams from northern coast of MA.

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Fish and seafood well-prepared on all our coastlines; New York bagels, corned beef, pastrami; fresh produce in California--especially artichokes.


I love kuchen when I visit my home state, North Dakota.  It is a German or German Russian pastry made in three layers: a crust, a filling (fruit or sour cream-sugar), and a topping of sugar and and yummy! It is served with pride at weddings, birthday celebrations, and funerals...and during the holidays.  I make it occasionally (here in New Mexico)...when I'm missing my North Dakota roots.  MW


I am from Philadelphia and I love Scrapple.

Love Beignets and Chicory  when in New Orleans. 


Southern fried chicken in Georgia!


Key Lime Pie in Key West! Yes, it's served elsewhere, but Key West is it's home....

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NY Pizza!

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Spiedies in Binghamton, NY!

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pennsylvania dutch

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East Coast fresh seafood!  

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Favorites of mine in south Louisiana:

  Shrimp or Crawfish Etoufee

  Seafood Gumbo



  Red Beans and Rice


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New England clam chowder and Maine boiled lobster

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Boiled peanuts and fried Pork Skins! Mmmm love the South!

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East NC BBQ pork!!!

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In Arizona,  Melio's Italian restaurant in Tubac AZ.

Mexican, Manuel's in Green Valley, AZ


St. Louis has two of the regions best

1. Toasted ravioli.

2.Gooey Butter Cake

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