Safety is how you draw tourism- Please share and sign the petition

When you let a customer choose to buy a train ticket with cash for short trips, you draw ridership.  Just like at a restaurant.  If you let the customer choose how he or she wants to pay for the dinner, you draw more tourists.  Amtrak made a mistake when they bought the Quick-Trak ticket machines since the machines they bought only accepts credit cards.  And I think that was a stupid thing to do.  They should have bought the kind that does accept cash as well as credit cards.  We know the pandemic has ruined just about everything in the book.  What Amtrak needs to do is to buy Quick-Trak machines that does accept cash and gift cards as well as regular credit cards.  I thank those who did sign my petition.  Lets share it so that way we can get even more people.  If it reaches over a hundred signatures, it could even end up on the news!

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