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Are you traveling this fall?

Are you taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather to hit the road and travel? Share your plans with us?

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We just got back from Vegas. Birthday trip for moi!  I just turned 31 for the second time 😀!  We had a ball!  For the most part, folks had on their masks, especially staff. Of course, there is always those few that don't wear them.  Wearing masks on the plane is mandatory and everybody had them on. We were given the option for staff to clean our room each day, but we opted out, and were just given fresh towels each day.  Even pre-COVID, I always gave our room a good cleaning before we use ANYTHING. I'm very fussy when it comes to cleaning. My husband laughs at me because I even clean our room before I check out; I make up the bed, empty the garbage, etc. I would probably even vacuum if they provided one 😀


If you haven't travelled in a while, things are so much easier now. Boarding passes are now electronic and you scan via your cell phone. Hotels are using kiosks now for check in/out.  Travel hacks: don't wait till 11:00 to check out; one thing the hubby and I always do is check out super early (7:00-ish) to beat the crowds.  Wear socks because you're going to have to take off your shoes and step on their floor during security check at the airport - so many folks were in bare feet 🙄.  Also, travel as light as you can so you can carry-on. The check baggage lines are always extremely long. Southwest allows one carry-on for free.  I usually have a carry-on and one huge purse/bag that I can place under the seat.  I read that this lady put her extra clothes in a pillow case and used it as a pillow on the plane.  I thought that was pretty clever 🤔.




My wife and I are going to Branson for my birthday trip, it's also where we had our honeymoon and recent first year anniversary, however I'm hoping for a more fall season next year when we travel to Fayetteville, Arkansas where I had lived for five years from 2007-2012. 

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Happy birthday to you 🎂 and happy anniversary to you both 🥂!

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With still too many people not vaccinated and refusing to wear masks even traveling a couple of hours in the car is a concern. Especially when you know you’re going to need to stop to eat or take a restroom break.


I realize it’s safer now than it was a year ago to travel but still...
If there is an upside to my anxiety it’s at least I’ve got more time to post my comments online.

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It almost saddens one to read these boards and come across a Community Manager's attempt to generate a conversation without even ONE RESPONSE after 12 full hours on the message board.


This rather innocent question "Do you plan to hit the road and travel" would have generated multiple responses on other social media platforms such as Nextdoor but here, nothing.




Are people afraid to respond to questions like this because of the knowledge that Covid is again raging in many areas of the country?


Are people bored with these message boards that barely get a response even though AARP supposedly has 38,000,000 members?


Or is it something else?


I can't put my finger on it.

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We already did a fall color tour. We live in the upper peninsula of michigan. We went to a small town, Mass City,. Being more north their color peaks earlier than ours in, Christmas, Mi,. We purchased a side by side this summer. When we got to Mass City, we unloaded everything and hit the trails, of which is all in the woods. You occasionally meet someone else on the trail, sometimes stop and chat, but are at least 6 ft. apart. There is quiet and peace and beauty. We always feel good after a ride.

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