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What if buying an Amtrak train ticket called only for a trip to the grocery store

Amtrak has several stations along the way that are unmanned.  And some have ticket machines but the ticket machines they have only accepts credit cards.  We know that there are idiots out there that are eager to get their filthy hands on our credit card information.  And there are some that are scared to death to use credit cards.  But what if Amtrak came up with a way to where you can just buy your ticket at the grocery store at the customer service counter.  That way you can go old school and pay for those tickets with cash.  In St. Louis on the Missouri side of the river, there is Schnucks and Dierbergs.  In many other parts of the country, there is Kroger.  If those grocery store chains sold tickets, then we wouldn't have to worry about depending on someone else to buy our tickets for us.  Signing this petition is your way of letting Amtrak know that it's time to make things easier to purchase tickets without the requirement of a credit card.

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