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✈️ IF you had UNLIMITED funds, where would you GO?

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Where would YOU go? 🤔


Thank you, Nicole ✈️ (Destinations Forum)

Kenya; Jamaica, England, 

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Like the land of make believe with Mr. Rogers? 


Not being on a vay cay since 2004, I don't really have any desire to go anywhere, even my old vacation destinations have changed, they just wouldn't be the same.... why change my ways at this point in life?


My brother, who I no longer speak with, said before COVID I should "Travel Asia", really though being dropped off 6000 miles away in a country where I cannot communicate, figure out currency, etc. .. some may call this an adventure, I'd call it pure frustration!    🙂


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Probably back to Maui. Been there 7 times. Can't get enough. Sometimes I can smell it in the air. Just a sense of being home, as silly as it sounds. Live on the east coast yet feel that call.

Life is funny.


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I would probably want to visit the various origins of civilization/government as we know it.


Places like Beijing, Athens, Rome.

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🤔...Well, probably Japan, Romania, and Seattle, Washington? 📸 😁

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2 and a half years in japan.Loved it. Wonderful people. I'll go there with you😊


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