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"Tab organizer" for Chrome browser?

I would like to have some sort of "app" for the Chrome browser that will organize tabs into sort of different groups for specific tasks, that can be reopened and toggled between. eg: I might want a group of tabs (each tab a particular url) for investigating Medicare, another group for Social Security, another group for travel planning, etc. (Sort of like having multiple desktops in Windows itself)


I had one a year or two ago and got rid of it (it was a free version) as it wasn't totally suitable. Unfortunately I don't recall which it was (maybe "workona"? maybe that was it). I'd try it again if I knew for certain what it was.


Any recommendations?



Also, any recommendations for a better (easier to access) bookmark manager than that provided in Chrome browser? Actually, the Chrome "home" page would be nice but it only lets me save 10 marked locations; be nice if I could put 100 in there, maybe in folders.


(for more robust documentation I put web links in an Excel workbook or Google Sheet/Doc to document the particular project I am working on. I can put screenprints in there as well, comments, calculations, etc. Nice.)




I use a wonderful app called Bookmarks. In the Apple App Store the icon is a wheel of different colors. 

It's free & I can create unlimited folders & bookmarks. 

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