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Windows 10 "search" and the recycle bin ?

How can I prevent the Windows 10 "search" function from returning files from the Recycle Bin?


Is this possible? Yes, I have Googled this and I am hoping for the "simple" explanation, not the 5,000,000 results to overly-lengthy articles that aren't giving me what I need...the 4 EZ Steps.

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Choice delete recycle bin crap.


Or settings>search>Choose enhanced search (vs. classic search) and exclude folders like Recycle bin.


*Fair warning presently on iPhone and I may have missed a step. It's just easier when I have Windows in front of me.


**And make certain you have all patches and updates applied on your Win 10 puter, one of the patches temporarily broke "search".



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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I assume you usually delete all items from your recycle bin

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Thank you easyed for your comment.


I would still like to suppress results from the dumpster but you bring up a good point... clean out the dumpster regularly and there will be nothing to suppress. So I did that today, emptied the recycle bin and Search was much easier to take (it was actually useful).


Thanks for the tip!




@easyed598 wrote:

I assume you usually delete all items from your recycle bin


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