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iPhone Training

Is there any clear and concise training for iPhone users?
What I am looking for is a reference manual of sorts which provides simplified instructions on performing basic tasks with the iPhone.  This would be a significant aid to folks with diminished cognitive abilities who need to communicate with the outside world.


 I think this would need to be something that could be printed out and not a video.


If anyone knows of such a minimal reference guide, please let me know.

If the AARP wants to create one, I would be happy to assist.



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There are a few options.  As mentioned, Apple provides assistance with setting up their devices, which can be done in-store or via phone, that includes going over some basics.  Apple stores used to regularly schedule small in-store training sessions for popular features, but I'm not sure if they still do that.


The days of hard-copy "Getting Started" guides and user manuals are pretty much gone, but there's still plenty of documentation from Apple.  You can find the iPhone Users Guide on their website, and it's pretty much a "Getting Started" resource.  


You can also find the User Guide for your specific iPhone model and iOS version which you can download in the Apple Books app, which is a free app and may be already on your iPhone.



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If you have bookstores nearby you can check those. If you have an Apple Store nearby you can check with the genius squad. Do a Google search for information on iPhones.

iPhone books | Barnes & Noble® (

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I believe that for new purchases of an iPhone Apple provides some sort of assistance, perhaps phone-based. I recall seeing this in the documentation/box when I purchased an iPhone for my wife a year or two ago.  And she just got a new iPad and it had the same sort of offered assistance for the new purchaser. I don't know how extensive this type of assistance/support is; perhaps it's just a walkthrough of the features.

For "folks with diminished cognitive abilities" might not written documentation be over their heads? Maybe a video would be better? And that makes me recall that there are tons of videos on YouTube offering instruction on all this hardware/software; the task there is to find something that is not too simplistic or too abstruse, and doesn't waste a lot of time. For instance, here is one random example for iPhone


(now my own personal preference is for written text... the old "user's guides", etc)

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Watching a how to video is not a viable option in this case because the person can’t remember long enough to use the information.  I have searched the web and not found the reference card that I think would help.  I am going to try and make one.  I have suggested using SIRI but the individual doesn’t want to.  Thanks to everyone who responded!

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