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W10 Cumulative update may have

Issues for some.


Others will merely find slowest update 1 1/3 hours for my old I 7,Lenovo w/6Gb Ram.Win10 Home upgraded from 7๐Ÿคฃ.


Same with my brand I 9/64 Gb laptop and 2 Tb SSD's. And Win10 Pro.


Updates were slow with many times appearing to stop, ignored and it plodded through installation updates๐Ÿ‘. and others have stated it's an unofficial bug, meaning M$ is undecided if it is or not.


KB4528760 is the update google or bing if you run into problems or check it out before downloading.


Read above link 2 for all installation updates as well for adobe and host of other updates.


Including the NSA & M$ update included in cumulative.






And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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My Lenovo G770 Laptop with I7 processor and 1 Tb SSD failed to install any Windows 10 updates since around Oct/Nov last year. I would get notifications about available updates, gone through the downloading ritual, only got everything reverted back to the original condition upon rebooting. There was some sort of kb??? error associtated with it but following all the trouble shooting steps led to nowhere.

Here is how I got it fixed. I downloaded the latest free Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft. Made a bootable image on a usb stick (or dvd). I ran the setup from Windows 10 (not booting into the usb) for upgrading Windows 10. Within 30 minutes, all (new Windows 10, MS Office, drivers) updates were installed. No change to my settings, all installed software intact. If you are stuck with some sort of Windows update issues, give this a try. I think it is quite safe but do it at your own risk.

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