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Sorry to post here, couldn't find a more appropriate forum.


Wanted to let everyone know about a great innovation (possibly everyone but me already knows about this - LOL). I no longer have a printer, which makes printing out things like quarterly estimated tax vouchers difficult. 


Wow, had self serve printing taken a giant leap into the 21st century since the last time I needed to print something I had to mail a hard copy of. I expected to sit at a computer at a UPS store, find the pages I needed, figure out which printer my computer was hooked up to, get up and go find that printer, then remember to delete my file from the in-store computer before waiting in line at the counter to pay.


But nope, none of that was needed today.


There are now payment and file selection machines at Fed Ex hooked up to their own printer. Insert payment card, insert usb thingie or upload from your phone, select through various screens which pages, how many copies and if color or b&w wanted, and voila! All done and paid in 2 seconds (maybe 10). Amazing!!


Pay & select Machine at FedEx.Pay & select Machine at FedEx.



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