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I am now paying 51.00 mo. for Frontier Internet. I do not qualify for the government program but will be forced to cancel internet services if I cannot find something lower in cost. I realize that is asking a lot, since $51 is a low cost. Are there any programs which assist in paying internet bills? Like everyone else nowadays, it would be almost impossible to just pay bills and have access to the rest of the world without it. I do not need a high-speed service, although I do a lot of research online and frequently download a number of articles and research papers. I can be patient with a lower speed, as long as it is reliable.

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You may want to look into T-Mobile home wireless internet. It is a 5G service, unlimited data, equipment included for $50/month plus up to about 12% fees and taxes. You have to check with T-Mobile to see if the service is available at your location. Some users are getting fantastic data speed but some were disappointed.

Another option is what I am using that may or may not work for your situation. I have AT&T Unlimited Elite Mobile Service. Unlimited text, calls, mobile data and 40 Gb of data for tethering. I have 5 lines  in my account (do not need to be family members or from the same state) and the cost is $45 per line plus taxes and fees that vary from  $5 to $10 depends on where you are. AARP members have a $10 discount per line (not sure the discount is applied to every one if the account holder is AARP or only for each AARP member). If you can use your cell phone for most of your internet work, this will be ideal. For video entertainment, HBOMax is included. You can wire connect your cell to the TV, or mirror/cast the cell screen to TV and that save your tethering data.

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What other providers do you have where you live? Have you checked what service and speeds they have and the price?

What Is a Good Internet Speed? |


Different Wi-Fi Protocols and Data Rates (


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