Cannot login to AARP while using a VPN

The sole advice that I was able to find from our community is to turn off the VPN to get access. I pay for my VPN and I am comforted by it's additional security. Would it be possible to add this functionality to the AARP community environment?

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Like @fffred, I log in with my VPN on and never have any problems. One issue I have found with many sites is that  am blocked if I appear to be coming in from foreign sites. You might want to check your VPN setting to see what country you are being rerouted through and make sure it is the US. If that doesn't work, @WebWiseWoman has the best advice.

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Hi, ASW20TT! May I make a suggestion (using my 30+ years IT support knowledge), please?


Contact your VPN provider's Support site / knowledge base. They probably have an article of how to add sites or bypass some security parameters on self-recognized sites.


For example, when I moved to a Chromebook from Windows OS, had to learn to use neverssl to log into wifi networks. Little particulars providers think are general but are not, so we, end-user, have to learn workarounds, unfortunately... not ideal but it is what it is...





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@ASW20TT  I am typing this while I am logged my VPN and I don't typically have issues using it with this site. So the issue you have doesn't seem to be a general one. Can't add more than that other than follow @WebWiseWoman suggestions. Good luck,,!

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