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I have been a caregiver for almost 20 years. I had only side jobs, for helping to pay small bills and a little pocket change. Even though I was raising my son. Which bless his heart got put to the side most times because all my energy and time went into caring for my mom. Well now she is gone and I realize that I am not only just lost I cant financially support myself. Boy what a shock to realize how time has passed and you never thought no really, what you would do when everything and everyone is just gone. the friends and family no support nothing but advice nothing that's helpful or just what you should have done. Do get me started to trying to find a job when you have been off the market for so long. So here we are bottom so low really no home. And I owe everybody. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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Sounds like you are in a momentary pickle - no where to go but up - I hope.

You have been doing something for 20 years - Caregiving.  I assume you were also a companion - chief cook and bottle-washer as they say.

And just because the person you cared for over those years is gone, there are many others that still need caregiving / companion services.  In fact, in big demand at this time. - Learn About Being a Caregiver 

If you want . . . . you can take what you have done for 20-years, learn more about it - perfect your skills, get the training, certificate and find a job and start working on building your own new life.  It would be a beginning . . . .

You could work for an agency or in an institution or even for an individual.

Read everything you can about it, everywhere - government (state) sites as well as individual companies and other resources - if you are interested.  Make a plan. 

Just a few that I pulled up that will give you more knowledge from both side of the equation - the beneficiary as well as the caregiver/companion.  Individual state sites will be more specific of any requirements and licenses. - Find In-Home Care 


Visiting - Companion Care   


Good Luck


It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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