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This is my first post here. I am 57 and have Fibromyalgia and migraines that are getting progressively worse as I age. I live alone, never married and have no children. I live 8 miles outside of town and am working on paying off my home I now live in, which I love and always thought was the home I would then have to retire in; however, after reading some articles and some other posts, I am wondering now if I should consider either selling my home now or once I retire and move into town to be closer to services I may eventually be in need of. I do have my sister and one close friend who live in town; however, they have lives of their own and I can't really count on them to be caregivers for me if something serious should happen. Looking for advice and input.

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Hi @CandisM936612 and thank you for your post.  Lots to think about as you plan for the upcoming years.  My two cents:  it may be helpful to write out a few possible scenarios and talk them through with an elder law attorney.  You are young but have some health issues that may escalate or mean that you need a little more help at home, especially if you age in place in your current place.   It's a good time to be thinking about what the future might look like if you need professional caregivers or more medical care.  Also, health and medical aside, will you be more isolated in your current space as you age?  Would you need to rely on public benefits like Medicaid if you needed to reside in a facility for any period of time or do you have enough assets to private pay?  Having an elder law attorney or financial planner walk through the scenarios with you may be useful.  In some cases, you can keep a home as an asset and qualify for public benefits.    They will also be able to work with you to create your necessary documents and come up with a forward-thinking plan as you don't believe your sister and friend would be up to the task to caregive should you need a caregiver.  I wish you the best of luck and please keep us posted on your progress! 

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@CandisM936612 - I can relate to your post, after an incident this summer. I'm a single elder orphan living in a car-dependent suburb. I'm pretty healthy, but early July I fell while walking in the neighborhood for exercise, and broke both wrists! It required surgery, and even 4+ months later, I'm not back to 100% with my hands, and need a follow up procedure on one finger. I was already considering a move to a warmer area, but my top criteria now is to be in a more urban area where I can walk to the supermarket & basic shopping. My only suggestion is that it's better to make a move while you're younger, than when you're older & the move itself becomes overwhelming.

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Hi...Why do you feel you have to move from your home?  Can you not get around too well or need help doing things for possible you can use a caregiver ? with your health insurance.?

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