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In Home COVID-19 Testing



The state of New York started a training initiative this week for in home testing. Home care clinicians will be trained on how to properly test and this could provide a blueprint for rolling out on a national scale.


With proper training would you feel comfortable administrating these tests or being given this test at home? 

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I need to know how to get tested remotely. I do not drive anymore. I am 65+. I was in hospital until 2/12/2020. So, yes, would like In Home COVID-19 testing.


I have self-isolated diligently. I only go out to take waste to dumpster then pay rent; use Lysol wipe on card so the staff don't get any touch from me.


While I would like to move forward and jump back on the bus and go to Walmart, even with their current actions, I don't think I'll be safe as so many are ignoring mask and safe procedures.


Until some sanity returns, I will remain in and pay for delivery, while it costs me weeks of food.


I continue to hope everyone stays safe.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Good for you for taking all those steps to be careful. Let me make a few suggestions and you can take what you like and leave the rest, of course.


First thing: testing is not perfectly reliable. Since it doesn't sound like you have been sick, except for that hospitalization in February, which might have been for surgery or something?, so am i right that you are looking to find out if you are an asymptomatic carrier? My primary care provider told me that swab tests are only about 60% reliable, and have lots of 'false negatives', that is, you get the test back as negative but you are actually infected. The timing is apparently important, too. After a while there is no more live virus up your nose. The antibody tests aren't FDA approved and the antigen tests aren't available. And, if you ARE positive for the novel coronavirus, it doesn't make a difference, since you're being so good about wearing a mask and disinfecting.


Here's a thought: wear your mask, and maybe eyeglasses because the eyes are a point of entry, wear gloves (i've been wearing really colorful pink gardening gloves that have never been in the dirt: festive!). Get on the bus and go shopping. Stores are being careful, your cart has been wiped down, some stores are letting in only a few at a time, some stores do the shopping for you and then you just pick up. If you are feeling healthy, no cough or headache or fever or sore throat, i'd say go for it. Mostly stay home but if your budget is that tight, do the hygienic masked thing, but get out there. 


What do you think? I'm thinking you would enjoy the outing...



who works in a hospital where everyone is masked all the time so i'm used to it...

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Here is a good and up-to-date link for you on various test for the coronavirus (COVID-19)

CDC - TESTING - see the other related drop down boxes on the left side of the page for all the different kinds.


You don't need an "antibody" test unless you just want to know if you have already had the virus - you need, one or several done periodically, for the active infection (the viral test). 


Your local Dept of Health or even your local government can sometimes point out places that are doing local testing - I get local Dept. of Health and local government emails that alert me if such an event is planned and who can get one,if restricted, if an appointment is necessary.  Local Mega-churches in my area are also getting into the act of doing these drive-by test.


My state has pretty much opened it up to anybody that shows up with other special places for 1st Responders and others in high exposure areas.


Here is also a (federal government) Community-Based Testing reference that list states and who is doing the testing that may help you or at least get you started in finding a good location for you because some of them are by appointment. - Coronavirus - Community-Based Testing Sites for COVID-19 


Remember the viral test has to be done periodically based on your exposure - it is not once and done - I don't think we have yet affirmed that having antibodies actually protects you - Science is still working on that premise.


Hope this help you.



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Thanks @GailL1 



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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