Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

I'm considering getting a walk-in tub, but I was kind of shocked by the prices - some cost over $12,000! Anyone have one? Do you like it? Any issues with sitting in the tub while you wait for it to fill or drain? I've been looking at tub brands here ( are there other ones I should be considering. I've also found the sales people and tactics very aggressive.
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When i saw the title of your post, I was hoping that someone who has a walk-in tub would share their experience... alas. We've thought of getting one, too, and thought of it as a kind of hot tub in addition to bathing. My partner lived in Japan for many years and really enjoys a bath. But, like you, the cost is prohibitive. 


One thing we ARE going to invest in is a bidet, the kind with warm water. There were stories about it in the news in response to the hoarding of toilet paper. I've been intrigued with them ever since i visited a rich uncle and he had one. I truly think that a lot of caregiving issues would be resolved or made simpler by having one. If the care recipient can't wipe themselves after voiding, either they or their care giver can push a button for warm water, then another for warm air and voila, nobody had to wipe a poopy bum. 


My 2 cents. That and $3.50 will buy you a latte.


Did you ever make a decision about it?


BTW, there is a wonderful (and far more active) community of caregivers on the facebook page:  Maybe someone there has purchased a walk in tub... i'm going to have to start playing the lottery so i can get one...


Jane, hoping for a bidet


I have a walk in tub/shower that we had removed from our home when we purchased it.

It is sitting in my garage (Maricopa AZ).   I have all the pieces that go with it.  I am hoping to find someone that has a need and can use it.walkin 2.jpg

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