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What are your favorite things to do?

Welcome to Brain Bliss Wednesday! I'll be sharing ideas and tips to stimulate your brain and keep it healthy.


The Global Council on Brain Health offers recommendations on how cognitively stimulating activities can keep your brain sharp as you age ⬇️



What things do you do that you love? How do those things keep your brain active?


Some of my favorite things to do include singing, yoga, hiking, and reading. All of these things are good for my brain because they are cognitively stimulating and they challenge me. Share your favorite things to do today!


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(12/6/22) .My book of puzzles, not crosswords. Hate those. It is the huge book of VARIETY puzzles as I get "bored" easily. They are expensive, but it takes me a year to get through one. They come out every season it seems = several copies a year. I guess there is a market for them = so many released each year. And Penny Press and another company (senior moment) publish them. Really fun and works my old brain.

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Photography, old photo restoration, and digital collage keep me busy every day and stimulate my brain using advanced techniques in Photoshop and other software.


Singing, reading, dancing, making art are some of my favorite things.


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Walking in the woods to stimulate all my senses! Listening to the wind through the trees, smelling the flowers, eating wild plums, feeling the rough texture of elm leaves, and watching the play of light and shadow from the leaves. Walking the dirt trails also forces my brain to pay more attention to movement and balance. Basically, giving my brain the sensory input in which it evolved and still craves.

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I love to travel too @AliceM719423! But with COVID it's definitely different. Have you been traveling during the pandemic? I took a road trip to the Smoky Mountains in NC recently. We stayed in an Airbnb and only left to go hiking. It was very relaxing and the fall foliage was beautiful!

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