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My first post as a new member - hope it meets the guidelines. My concern is whenever I see or hear a commerical by Prevagen, I get furious. They claim it improves memory - even says it in bold right on the product IMPROVES MEMORY 

These claims are nothing more that what you would hear from a snake-oil salesman. These claims have not been proven and the FDA has not substantiated these claims. There is NO SCIENTIFIC proof that this product works to improve memory and yet I see it pushed to the elderly evey day. Is there nothing that AARP can do to stop this company from gouging millions of eldery of their hard-earned money for this basically sugar pill? 



Also my first post -


I share your misgivings over Prevagen and the way it is advertised.  However, please consider the fact that there are few other readily available medications to help improve mental functionning.


If you look at the one study that was made on this drug, by the company that produced it, I believe, it was " effective as placebo."  This means it was not harmful, and would corralate to improvement about 1/3 of the time, which is the same outcome as taking a placebo.


While we all wish for better odds, taking the Prevagen at least gives that chance for improvement. 


$40 or more a bottle for a placebo that targets primarily the elderly is shameful. 


Amen friend, amen!


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