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Some More Brain Exercise

Here's an example of brain exercise.  Maybe it will start some thinking and friendly discussion.


I found this in an old notebook from the 1970's that found its way back to me only because my mother chose to toss it in a box rather than throw it in the trash decades ago. I reread, reconsidered and rewrote it...just for exercise:

Genesis Adam and Eve
A possible interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve that remains valid regardless of the scriptural source.

The story of Adam and Eve and their exile from the garden of eden is traditionally presented as the curse of Original Sin (Except in The Koran where Adam alone, not his offspring, is held responsible for his choice) and condemnation of humanity to a life of toil, sweat and conflict. A curse that leaves Humanity's existance perpetually indebted to and entirely dependent upon a mysteriously jealous, vengeful yet merciful diety. A diety that while reported to be infinitely advanced beyond human comprehension is also guided by the same selfserving irrationality that human beings often display. And, conveniently, enhances the personal power of somebody claiming to be that diety's representative.

Consider this interpretation:
The lesson of Adam and Eve is that humanity is blessed with the ability to exercise Free Will. Otherwise Adam and Eve could not have chosen to partake of the forbidden fruit. Divine Intervention is limited to actions that do not negate Free Will. We are therefore also blessed with the responsibility to face, learn from, and improve upon the consequences of our chosen actions both individually and collectively.

This interpretation offers a constructive path forward. It also proposes a benevolent diety with a deeper understanding of the difference between Discipline and Punishment masquerading as discipline. Eviction from Eden, even in light of third party influence as a mitigating circumstance, indicates the gravity of how we use these blessings.  It is even possible the perceived eviction from Eden was an effect of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.  We could, still, today, feed everybody in the world well except for the manufactured retraints of politics and entrepreneurship.

A simplified analogy might be as follows:
The Earth is a terrarium with a reset button (mass extinction events). We can exercise our Free Will within the confines of these boundaries. The better job we do of improving upon the consequences of our chosen actions the longer the terrarium develops on its own. The worse the job we do, the more toxic the terrarium environment becomes. If the environment in the terrarium reaches an unknown (at least unknown to its inhabitants) tipping point the reset button is triggered and the terrarium returns to a base template and starts growing anew.
Note: Proposed 'Reset' button may be triggered by a Diety, Natural Laws, or advanced alien cultures that have Earth under observation.

The benefits, IMHO, of this kind of exercise far outweigh the protests of the occaisional finger pointing fanatic yelling "Heresy!".

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Hi again Eric @EricC28201

Very interesting.... I wonder what else is in that >>>>old notebook from the 1970's...LOL!😊

...this did start some thinking...

that I have so many boxes to go thru.....but can never seem to find the time.....

Anyway... Take care!  ☮️🛶🎣~Allen 🌈 🏝🏖

Trusted Social Butterfly

Come to think of it Allen @Therapist4u ,

In retrospect this wouldn't have made a half bad alegorical interpretation of The Scarlet Letter...maybe I'll suggest it to the grandkids for use in 10 years or so. 😎.

...just send it to them in an email titled "Open Only If Your School Makes You Read The Scarlet Letter".

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Hi Allen @Therapist4u 


There still doesn't seem to be much conversation...Maybe if I said I was going through old boxes as an excuse to be in the basement during a heatwave and blame it on Climate Change.

...Not much that isn't outdated in the old notebooks.  Starting in Middle School I would reserve the last couple of pages in my notebooks for jotting down random ideas in case I could use them as a subject for a writing assignment.

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