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Get Inspired - Kick Bad Habits & Engage Your Brain

rsz_woman_playing_guitar.jpgKicking a bad habit is about rewiring your brain. Most bad habits are driven by our feelings of anxiety or fear. They serve as a way to distract you from something that feels uncomfortable.


Get inspired to reframe your mindset and develop positive habits! Is there something you've always wanted to try, but just...haven't? Matt Cutts suggests: Try it for 30 days.


Looking for other ways to engage your brain? Play AARP Staying Sharp games!

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I think they should outlaw baseball players spitting!  Especially in the major leagues.  The games are on TV and who wants to see grown men spitting all over the place.  It is unsanitary and disgusting.  Come on MLB.  Start handing out fines and suspensions.  Little kids see this going on and mimic it.  🤐

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And how can players bat and run while chewing gum without chocking on it ?!?!?

At least they did ban snuff and chewing tobacco

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i don't really have any tips for getting rid of bad habits. i just eat what i want but am careful since i have type 2 diabetes. i can have sugar, just not so much of it. i do mind my carbs though. i'm always looking at the labels. if it contains too much carbs i place it back. i just don't get it. i have my own regimen: i only eat once a day at noon & a couple cereal bars in mourning. i do loose weight but if i eat any more than what i do i gain. 

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