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Get Inspired - Exercise Regularly

rsz_1couple_running_in_autumn.jpgThere are many physical benefits to exercising regularly. Exercise can elevate your mood. It can foster social connections. Regular physical activity also helps fight depression and anxiety.


Get inspired by Dan Buettner as he shares how the world's "Blue Zones," communities whose elders live with vim and vigor to record-setting age, find the path to long life and health. In his talk, he shares the 9 common diet and lifestyle habits that keep them spry past age 100.


How do you incorporate exercise into your regular routine?

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You are not alone @mw31115320  and @TheSuzyQ .There are many of us that can't get into a what they call "exercise". Or there are times we can't do much of any physical activity. Exercise does do us good. But overdoing when we are "down" can be detrimental.

But "moving" can be incorporated in our lives at times. Little things can be done even resting. Not every exercise routine has to be Olympic training.


You need to remember to not move into where it hurts, but just up to there.


While sitting or resting, move (pump) your feet back and forth (like tapping your foot to music).

While sitting or resting, tap your knees together and apart (as comfortably as possible).

While sitting or resting, raise your arms up over head and down (just in your comfortable range).

When standing at the sink, you can modify those things as needed and have the counter to hold if you need to.


These are just little things to do when you can't bear to be doing anything. It will keep you moving and you might not be so stiff.  And remember that your daily "have to" routine is keeping you moving also, just don't overdo that either. Always be careful. Hope this helps in a small way.


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I love this. Thank you @Vexed. I need to incorporate movement while I am sitting at my desk. You are right. There are small things that can be achieved. And small things can add up to different ways of exercise. I am rethinking nowhow I "exercise". 


xo Suzy

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I have a big issue with exercise. Why? I have severe arthritis in my back that radiates down to my thighs and knees, and the pain is not worth the effort. Even doing it regularly doesn't help, it just makes it worse. I am laid up in bed for two days just from walking three blocks at a slow rate. 

I was a weight lifter, and walked an average of 10 miles a week all the way up to my mid forties. NOW, pushing 60, going up my stairs in my home is a chore. Yes, I am on inflammation meds, and take a ton of vitamins, if i didn't, i truly believe i would be incapacitated. So, exercise is over rated, and not for everyone. I hear it constantly, move, move move, well moving makes it 100 times worse. I know I will get a ton of responses with disagreements to what I have said. But i know i am not alone in this. 

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You are not alone. I am trying to find ways to have physical activity that won't hurt right now with my flare ups. Everything hurts!  Thinking of joining the local Public Lions Club with a pool so I can feel weightless for a change. Swimming may be the only option for me at this point.


Take care of yourself 💓



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