declining cognition

My spouse has had health problems, reformed drinker and smoker. has hardening of the arteries.  brain functions are slowing down, slow to respond, says one thing and later forgets and says a completely different thing and does not remember. Gets angry if questioned, doesn't like to communicate has lost interest in so many things in life, recently prescribed an antidepressant, most people think 10 years older based on aging appearance. compassion is running low. trying to find acceptance rather than separation

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sounds like that needs professional intervention by a therapist, social worker, etc.

And, you know, for both of you.

You may need to do more professional and detailed research about his condition.

For example, you may be ascribing emotional indifference to something which is, in fact, not emotional, but a physical medical problem manifesting in that way.

you can probably find support groups with other people who are dealing with these issues, and get some support from them.

Separating from a spouse with declining cognitive function could be extremely destructive.  If separation has to take place, a long period of work should be done prior, so that your spouse has an entire support system available to him, before you depart.

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Hi @FayW514163‌‌ 👋 I'm sorry you are going through this. I imagine it's quite difficult. Do you have any trusted friends or family you could speak with about this? Your spouse has to want to change themselves in order for things to improve. Have you spoken with them about how you're feeling? I'm guessing they are also experiencing difficult emotions, which makes having a difficult conversation even more difficult.

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