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I am a new member and I plan to cancel my membership in the morning.  AARP and AT&T offer a substantial discount for AT&T cellular service if you are an AARP member.  I called AT&T and was told I would be transferred to someone who could sign me up for the discount if I provided my AARP Number.  I was transferred to a modem line and listened to the modem for a minute and a half before being disconnected.  When I called back a second individual gave me a toll free number to call.  When I called that number, it was AARP.  They said I had to sign up through AT&T. I called AT&T a third time. I was told that he could help me and could sign me up for the discount. He worked on it for a long time and seemed to be making progress. I was off and on hold for 43 min.  I  finally gave up and called AAPR back.  He was knowledgeable and walked me through AT&T’s website and I was able to complete the online application for the AARP discount.  Then I called AT&T to confirm I had indeed been enrolled.  She told me that, in fact I’m order to received the AARP discount you first must be on the MOST EXPENSIVE plan AT&T offers.  Even with the AARP discount deducted from that plan it is much more expensive than their other plan I am already on.  This is false advertising in my opinion.  AT&T and AARP are both culprits in this scam.   My gut told me to not to join AARP.  I should have listened.  

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Hi there, sorry to hear about the confusion. All AARP member benefits can be accessed on the AARP Member Benefits page, which provides a full list of current providers who offer deals, benefits & discounts to AARP Members:
When viewing the page, click on the name of the benefit (like AT&T under Technology & Wireless, in this case) to see a description of the benefit, and click "Learn More" to head over to the provider's website to get started with using the benefit and/or discount. When clicking on AT&T on the AARP website, the description explains that AARP members can save up to $10 per line per month on the AT&T Unlimited Premium℠ plan, plus receive up to $45 in waived activation and upgrade fees. I hope this information is helpful and thank you for your feedback.

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