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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

What is the mysterious twist in Mahjongg Dark Dimensions from the Original Mahjongg Dimensions?

Do you have a higher score if you watch the advertisements?  I turned mine off but don't know how to turn them back on if I could score better Thanks for your help. It is very frustrating 

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Hi Berubm ~  I enjoyed your question  - even better was wondering if you score higher if you watch the advertisement.   I never thought about that but I suppose it could be true.  lol

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The twist to Mahjonngg Dark Dimensions is that all the symbols on the cubes are ancient runes representing demons from the Geriatricon, or "Ancient Book of the Senior Discount."


If you click them in just the right order, it will summon the Dark Lord himself, ol' Beelzewhosis, who will grant you the Early Bird Special at Denny's well past the posted end time.* 


*Current AARP membership required. 


Nope, that's not right at all. My mistake.


Dark Dimensions has, I think, nine levels and time bonuses on each level. The original version has only three levels and no time bonuses.

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