Finding a analog phone service provider (plain old telephone service).

I'm tired of scam and sales calls on my cellphone and sorry I ever let my old fashioned, hard-wired phone line go.  Now that I'm at home all the time I want that reliable old technology back. I searched the web for providers of that analog service that works even when cell towers aren't working. Everybody us selling either internet based, fiberoptic, or "traditional" service (which means they're giving me a modem that works like the hardwired BUT uses cell towers to send the call). Found a couple of providers that only offer business service/multiple lines but nothing for my home safety. Seniors rely on a good, reliable phone connection as we get more housebound and no one seems to offer this to us. All my research tried to tell me it's an obsolete service because it's more expensive than the cellphone based technology but I'm willing to pay for quality. Does anyone know how I might find such a provider? I live in the South Bay, Los Angeles County, in shouldn't be this difficult!


When did Americans sacrifice quality, dependability, and service (not to mention our health and quality of life) for convenience and cheap goods & services?

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I still have my landline phone and the service is though our cable company..I like the landline phone as in storms I'm able to get emergency notifications from our fire dept as to what to do if power goes out. The only thing I don't like is the high price for the cable that I have as it entails tv,computer,wi-fi and the phone..I could let go of the tv and use the antennaes for the local stations which is fine with me but would have to seek other venues for the computer/wi-fi so I pay the high price and don't watch a lot of their offerings because of disinterest..I choose the PBS over the cable offerings because everything comes with an added price that's worth while to watch...

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Are you sure that's a landline?  Cable companies deal with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which can look like a land line but comes through a Cable modem.   They tie this into your existing phone jacks so it's almost transparent ... until your power goes out & your modem is not on a battery backup. 

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I would love to have landline made available, too. I do not like cellphones. I do have one, but I'd rather have a landline, you know with the telephone jack, that you plug in. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone, except those in rural areas, can obtain this any longer. It's sad to me. The end of an era. I love landline, novelty analog phones, and answering machines. For me, there's a romanticism there. I'd prefer a more manual process because I do think we should never do away with the hard copies, and the landlines. Hope you find the right people to help with your situation. 🙂

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Try Windstream. They provide service to my landline.

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Since you used to have a landline and you let it go, call the company that provided your original service.

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When the Cable company installed the VOIP, they intentionally cut up the copper lines coming in, those can be repaired with splicing, but good luck actually getting AT&T to re-install a land line, that's a low priority service to my understanding (at least in my area).  I ditched my copper Land line as they kept raising it every few months, & I could only call 10 miles or less before it became a Long distance call.   


They were driving people that still have landlines to cancel by the pricing increases. It was close to $45/month for basic service (no extras like ID, Waiting etc.) when I got rid of it in 2018.    


I agree though you really can't beat a true Land Line for reliability.  I have a flip for a mobil & personally cannot stand the thin monolithic piece of glass.... remember the apes staring at the monolith in 2001? I see that every day now with people staring at their Cell phones.  



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