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New PROFILE format

I don't understand "ALL ACTIVITY" - POST.  Which are showing up and which ones are not showing? 

Or is there a delay in when they show up? 

Who is doing the SOLUTIONS rating?

Got instructions anywhere on what all this is - jury is still out as to whether I am interested in whatever this is -


Edited later to add:

OK, I have the "All Activity" - POSTS figured out - only the POST started by the subject individual show up here.    All replies to other post show up in the area on the right side of the page:


Screenshot_2019-12-27 GailL1.png

But still am wondering about the "SOLUTIONS" - who gives these and how?




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Hi @GailL1 In the Activity area of your profile, "Posts" should be all the posts you've made. On the main page, it is your five most recent conversations that you've started. Then, if you click "View All" at the bottom of this area, you will go to a page with all of your posts ever made up to the 100-page maximum.


The "Solutions" tab is for your posts that have been chosen as solutions for questions posted. These were chosen by either the original poster or an online community manager. Here's more about the Accepted Solutions feature:


Hope this helps. 

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