What is "Accepted Solutions", and how does it work?



With our "Accepted Solutions" feature, you have the opportunity not only to ask questions, but also to rate the best answers—for yourself and for others. 


How It Works

  1. A user posts a question in the forum.
  2. This original poster chooses one reply (or more, if applicable) that best answers their question and marks it as an “Accepted Solution” by clicking on the ellipses option button (the three dots) in the top-right corner of the post and choosing the "Accept as Solution" option. slide1.png
  3. A check mark icon then appears next to the original post and the solution and the header and background for the solution change to a distinctive color so that users scanning the post can easily locate it. slide2.png
  4. A “Go to Solution” link is displayed in the original post to go directly to the solution. slide3.png
  5. If the original poster doesn’t designate a reply to the post as a solution after 7 days, they will be sent a reminder to check responses to see if their question has been answered.

Why am I not seeing the option to "Accept as Solution" when I click on the 3 dots?

@mazur777 The article may not be one set up to accept solutions. Could you PM me and I'll take a look?

This post isn't a question so there isn't the ability to accept a reply as an answer. 

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