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Working for transit is truly a win-win for seiniors


Working for transit is truly a win-win for seiniors

Call-a-Ride is one of the very popular paratransit systems in the US.  It is operated by Metro.  Someone said that when they applied, that they were told that they were overqualified.  One I told my mother that, she didn't think that was true.  If they did, who ever told the applicant should have been fired.  Metro does NOT have the authority to tell you that you are overqualified.  They did manage to have some veterans work for them.  When you use the lights on Call-a-Ride, the truth is that according to the rules, the interior lights are only supposed to be used for boarding and dropping off passengers.  Once the last passenger at your stop has been seated and strapped in, the interior lights are supposed to be turned off.  However, on the regular bus, they are supposed to be on at all times while in service.  90% of the time when I used Call-a-Ride, the journeys has been good.  In my opinion, people normally use the service to go to have coffee, to work, to the grocery store, or the doctor.  If you apply for a job at Metro, not only would you be picking up young people, but also some senior citizens as well.  The light rail trains Metro operates are in a way multi-service vehicles due to the fact that not only can they stop at high level platforms but also stop to pick up passengers getting on from the street instead of a high platform.

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I have never heard you give a shout-out to older people being school b us drivers as long as they are physically up to it and can drive well.

I know the school districts around me really need them and the pay scale has really shot up since the pandemic was over.   Around her about $ 25.00 an hour.  Some work just morning /afternoons and that is all they want in hours 

But others may want more hours and driving task - I don’t know how many hours one has to work to be eligible for some benefits.

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