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Working for Amtrak can be a win-win idea for those who live to travel


Working for Amtrak can be a win-win idea for those who live to travel

We know that working for Amtrak can be quite challenging.  But some positions may be worth filling out the applications.  There is the engineer who gets a 3-D view of the scenery, there is the conductor who is in charge of the tickets, there are the porters who make up the beds at night and strip them down during the daytime on overnight trains, and there are food service workers.  On the West coast long distance routes, you have bi-level coaches and there is an elevator that takes the dishes from the dining level down  to the kitchen.  If you like making coffee for people, there is a position for that.  Amtrak as I see it as one company that I have seen many people are age working for.  Years ago, there were times when a tour guide would ride and give documentaries about the indian lands that some of the west coast long distance trains are going through nowdays.  

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