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What kind of job should I seek ?.

Hello ..I am 59 yr old female .I had a work history of 44 yrs I have been off my job for a yr as a auto worker ...I signed for a early retirement as my back says no more ..I had 3rd knee replacement in 2019 .both hips in 2020 all with in a yr ..I was on sick leave my union wouldn't sign off on my early retirement so my employer put me as quit I was with that company 23.9 yrs ..I have dengerative bone disease ..hearning impaired.i wear aids but some help ..I care for my 83 yr old in rural Ohio ..I need to do something...I would like to make some money ...any suggestions on what to look for ?.

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A part time temp. job as you can take a test  to see what you would be good at or work from home if you're computer literate,,A telephone sales rep taking orders for catalog sales perhaps a receptionist at an auto dealership or something to do with automotive a service that deals with car repair as you would have knowledge in this line..Look to your strengths and hobbies to see if there is something that stands out..Are you a people person perhaps a greeter in a box store like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes they have different departments that might interest you...You have to perhaps be sitting down because of physical impairments so give this a lot of thought and look at the employment in your area...Good Luck...

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1 comment (12/17/22) Hi @jonibee , I luv your "thoughtful" suggestions. Nicole 🙂

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Thank you for your comment..Over the years I have worked many jobs and I like being a temp worker as that gave me the chance to learn new things and get experience. I was able to utilize what I learned into more permanant jobs down the line...You're never to old to learn new skills..

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Hi @buttons98a ...sorry to hear of your update but glad you shared it with us all and asking for suggestions. I am happy to help you....hopefully to consider one of our opportunities; however, if you need help in general to discuss your interest aside from what I'm sharing, feel free to reach out to me and I will help share some additional helpful info for you to consider based on what I may know that could help you. To start, see below and also, click my profile too for additional helpful info. I look forward to helping you should you reach out to me. Thanks again and I wish you, your mother and rest of your family much success and better days ahead/happy prosperous upcoming new year. See below to explore your options:


Note: Part time positions also include great benefits too. 🤗 Also, to be clear and reassure you, I work directly with AT&T and there's no cost/fee involved/exchanged for me to help you. I'm just happy to help if needed.


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Go here if you don’t currently identify any job posting to apply: ---you can set up alerts too to be notified once we do post new job postings that match your areas of interest.


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