Warning signs should a 59-year-old man keep an eye out for that may signal a retirement

During the COVID-19, I learned that 97. something degrees is sub norman for someone our age really isn't that bad. It's normal for the human  body to register that number when it comes to waking up.  But what warning signs should I be on the lookout for as I near the age of 65?  I do want to keep on rocking at my place of work.  There are even some that are close to 70 that still has the strength of a 20-year-old.  I do sometimes try to hunt for drinking fountains just so I can still have plenty of steam to keep me going through out my day.  Last year or the year before, I felt so out of balance that I ended up having to quarantine myself.  

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Great question!!! One I have been asking myself as well. I am also 59 years old. 60 is only a few months away and I cannot believe it! My career has been a struggle since I entered the work place and I am at a loss. I still feel I'm a kid in his late 20s trying to find my way in life!!! Talk about depression! Also, I do not want to rely on my partner anymore, because I am not sure where things are heading. 


So I understand your question about retirement. I too wonder about it. Do I leave my field and get become a driver for the next 15 to 20 years? 


I'm at a loss. Maybe we can help each other. 

All I know is, the depression is dark and thick AND I CAN HARDLY THINK. 

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