Starbucks in Mexico City hires people over the age of 55

In Mexico, there is an organization similar to AARP and there is a Starbucks in Mexico City that chooses to follow the rules by hiring people over the age of 55.  Most of your Starbucks hires mostly "kids".  But not the location in Mexico City!  If you go that one store in Mexico City, and buy your coffee there, imagine dining there, enjoying a cup of coffee, listening to some Mozart or a few bagpipe pieces.  I praised the coffee giant for hiring people our age and I told them that trend needs to expand.  There is a Starbucks at Gravois and Tesson Ferry Road in Affton, Missouri and I say, lets kick the doors wide open so we can give the youngsters a helping hand.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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