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Undercover Boss: A Work oriented show

I have created a petition to get a work oriented TV show back onto CBS.  There was an episode where a Boston Market district manager thought that it was fun to say some childish things about older people and was sent home and told him that he needed to clean up his act before coming back to work.  In a way, it was a good training tool for those who want to be a CEO of a company, and also shows the good things that happens to district managers of places that do want to be discriminatory.  If you sign this petition and it gets a lot of attention, maybe it might make its way onto the news.  The show also does teach what can happen to a business future if the CEO steps out of line. Bikinis Sports Bar restaurant had some of the most disgusting rules for the employees and made some of them feel uncomfortable.  So they folded up.  Signing this petition would be like telling CBS that we want Undercover Boss to be back on.

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