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Car detailer YouTube channel is good for those wanting to open a car and truck detailer shop


Car detailer YouTube channel is good for those wanting to open a car and truck detailer shop

Each Friday, Mitch who owns and operates a car detailing shop on the grounds of his residence shows how cars and light trucks are detailed.  Although the music might not be our type that he runs on his videos, but his newest videos includes some flicks of where you hear more of the actual sounds of either the vacuum sucking up the dirt and the extractor sucking up stains, etc.  His narration in each of his videos will even tell you what machines and supplies he recommends you get if you want to open your own vehicle detailing shop.  What I have learned from his videos is that when he empties his pits that collect the stuff that is washed off of the car and sucked out of the car with the extractor, is that he dumps it onto the grass which in a way he is recycling the dirt.  Some people would take the stuff that they have sucked out with the extractor and would dump it down the toilet.  Every one of his videos on YouTube has a link in the description on every tool he uses.  


 Through the magic of his videos on his channel, he is a good teacher in showing us the ropes on how to detail a car.  Although when it comes to wanting to detail a church bus, the steamer may be a better choice on the inside since the floor is made of hard rubber.  If you have a membership account with YouTube, you may want to subscribe to his channel.  Included is the link to his channel.

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