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This Needs To Stop!

I just read about KROGER closing 2 of their stores in CALIFORNIA because they REFUSE to pay workers $4 more for working = Hero's Pay. The UNION pushed for this pay and the state agreed. I bet they will be CLOSING more stores as soon as the MINIMUM wage is also MANDATORY. But they are BIG on giving FOOD AND MONEY to the FOOD BANKS. Hmmm, am I missing something here???? CALIFORNIA was already the hotbed for the homeless. Come on KROGER, you could have CUT some of your LAZY managers' salaries and kept these stores open. Shame, shame 😞 😞 I use to work for them as a CASHIER around my REAL job and had planned on continuing to as I really enjoyed the WEEKLY direct deposit in spite of the weekly UNION $12 dues. Lol, I NEEDED the union with my big mouth. It was not MANDATORY to join. Anyway, I quit July 2020 (last year). Got tired of getting POVERTY PAY to be the ONLY cashier when I arrived (like Walmart, turnover HIGH) and being ORDERED to do my job (register) plus bag and self-checkout AT THE SAME TIME. Nope, got wrong employee. Lol, I lived in the Front End Manager's Office who soon LEARN'T that my UNION AND STORE MANAGER had my back. They knew I was at work as SCHEDULED and only called out 2 times. 1 for my car and 1 for a leak in my apartment. When I quit, I swore I NEVER wanted to ENTER their stores AGAIN. And I have stuck to this 🙂 🙂

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I was a union worker for 40 years and totally disagree with your post. The unions only want the increase to feather their nests because union membership is on a decline, don't you realize that if they agree to this jobs will be lost not gained and the work load will increase because of the reduced employment. Prices are certainly poised to go up and customer service will be effected. The union I was in was powerful they basically ran the employer to their demands and wants. . Look at the UAW and their demands nearly crippled the auto industry until the companies wanted to get their business back. Wagers fell from 32 an hour to 17 an hour  starting with the new contract. These companies have a right to pay their CEOS and employees anything they want if you don't like the amt of pay then sell your services to another company this is not servitute where you can't leave' Also did you notice that unions are falling apart not getting into typical jobs that they once represented.  Just remember that old law of motion is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

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I agree with your post.  Unions are hurting and the recent loss of Amazon hurt their expectations to regrow. 

Business is NOW global, meaning many industries can set up shop anywhere in the world, ie except those reliant on consumer traffic, ie grocery as  great example.  We saw that with NAFTA and globalization as business exploited cheap labor elsewhere to increase their margins, EPS, etc.   

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With a pure business perspective (zero emotion) MOST entities have locations that are borderline profitable. Every smart business knows its operating profit per location.  It is foolish to dilute earnings by overlooking losses in one location if the region is profitable.  CA made this happen by pushing Kroger off the fence.  Grocery is known to be a low margin, high volume business.  

Government, especially it seems CA, has ZERO business sense and just presumes everyone will find a way to cover its assessed taxes.  NO business is going to trade dollars.  Bottom line, cut bait and invest your capital when it can earn a return.  

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