The Senior "Cross-Over" Job Seeker

     My name is Debbie and throughout my experience with "corporate-power" in our world today, I have found that it is useless to submit applications online.

     I have been disabled for 5 years now and am currently living on a limited income in a section 8 senior community after being homeless for 3 and 1/2 years. The social security program called "Ticket-To-Work" is a fiasco. Social security brings in 3rd parties to help try and find work for those who find themselves in my situation. This fails because because they keep sending me emails of jobs that I performed before which included heavy lifting i.e. 50+ pounds. Crossing over into a new field of work takes more than someone sending job board in an email each week.

     Cutting to the chase:

The bottom line is; all applications online require birth date and/or age.

The reason one cannot claim 'discrimination based on age' is because all corporations bring in "3rd Party-Programmers" to monitor and set up their computer filtration systems........if the computer program has an age cut-off date/age, your info is thrown out and you have wasted an hour or two applying for a job that no human eye has seen.......Just my thoughts after being told 2 years ago, sitting across a bank manager's desk, she said, "Corporations are looking for longevity." That really blew me away!!!

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