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The Boulevard proposed expansion could signal the need for more talent


The Boulevard proposed expansion could signal the need for more talent

Just off Brentwood Blvd. in Richmond Heights, Missouri, is a new outdoor shopping center. It has been there really since 2006.  But for people our age, that might be a new open-air shopping center.  What is proposed for the location is a Loft Hotel, and also a new Brentwood Blvd. location for Waterway carwash.  The reason why I am posting now although the new section might not be open until 2024, is so that way, if the Loft Hotel is about ready to accept job applications and once it first goes online, I would love to see a bunch of us flood their HR email boxes with resumes and maybe we could beat some of the youngsters at a chance of getting a job at the hotel.  Also at Waterway, here is the link for Waterway's career page.  If we flood Waterway's HR email inbox with our resumes, the new place off Brentwood Blvd. could be the first one in the history of carwashes to be staffed with a 90% senior citizen roster!

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