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To whom it may concern,

I would love to stay at home and work due to some disabilities/health issues I have at this time.

I am always going to the doctor's office, which keeps me from keeping a steady job outside my home.  Can I please receive some helpful advice as to what steps I should take to fulfill my goal in obtaining this Stay at home position?  I am seeking an at home position in the Data Entryor Medical Billing and Coding field. Thank you very much.

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@victoriaa743229 I think there are several job boards that list jobs you can do from home nowadays. One that I know of is FlexJobs. You might check them out. Also, don't forget about AARP's job board. You might find some opportunities there too.

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Anecdotal only. I know two people who do medical coding and billing. They work directly for specific medical practices. One started as a receptionist. And the other just got the job out of the local want ads. 


Could you ask at at your doctors office to talk to the office manager, like an interview, and ask her/him how their office does billing and if they have foresee any openings?

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