Riffed and Replaced

I almost 60. I'd worked at a company for 12 years when it was bought out. I worked for the new company for 6 years - a total of 19 years. In the past 4 years I'd seen my duties reduced. I started with 4 subordinates, increased my duties to include 16, then reduced to 4 again. I heard this past year that my division had to come up with X number of dollars due to a shortfall. Scores of people were suddenly let go. I received a severance package. I was told that my position had been eliminated. I just found out that another employee with a lower rank was made supervisor of my department. It occurs to me that together with the seemingly innocent reduction of my duties, together with the shortfall and ensuing replacement of my position with slower ranking employee, I might be a victim of foul play.




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I'm not sure but it does sound like someone wanting to play stupid.  If they are looking to play games by seeing how many really useful people like you they can get rid of and replace good people like you with someone that is going to be absolute rubbish, that could be foul play.  I too am nearing the age of 60 and had to talk to my most recent supervisor about how us older people perform.  This supervisor I have is a college-aged person.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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