Reason why driving a public bus for St. Louis Metro may seem easier compared to buses years ago

Back in the days, some of us may remember the days when the streetcar was the way to get around.  And the buses, sometimes you had to fight it to make a turn because they didn't have any power steering on them.  But today's buses have power steering, many now come equipped with soft-rimmed steering wheels which is easier on the bones in our hands.  The front doors are designed for improved visibility.  Also Metro's new Gillig buses even have dome lights tailored to where don't have to put up with much glare compared to back in the days.  Via is the newest service Metro operates and really anyone who applies to drive those is in for a treat because all they are is just ordinary minivans but tricked out for public operation.  The Gilligs has a super adjustable steering system to where it can tilt and it has a telescopic steering post.  

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