Please sign: This means making it easier for those who use Amtrak to go to work

We know that mostly Amtrak is a service for pleasure trips.  But sometimes, that trip can also be a business trip.  Sometimes businesses chooses an employee to make a trip to lobby for more transportation for seniors to get to work.  But some stations refuse to offer sell tickets to those who don't carry credit cards which I find that to be pretty stupid.  Signing this petition means that we will not let Amtrak get away with refusing to sell tickets to those who don't carry credit cards.



Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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While I understand your post for cash purchases, please understand some of us no longer want "cash" transactions, due to the pandemic and aftermath.


Everyone can purchase a cash card, which Amtrak accepts, which also makes it easier to use their service.


I so understand your post @PatrickR720159 but also think there are options not considered...



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True.  The reason why the petition is many times when you turn on the news, there is sometimes a story where scammers will try at anything to get their filthy hands onto your credit card info.  Amtrak does have a nice safety feature that guards you against unauthorized people from getting a hold of your info, but there are some people that are scared to use those things.  Walmart I hear does sell prepaid credit cards.  But that is if the store is in an area that is safe.  There are some trips that I is where the credit card is king, and that is like long distance trips.  Like from St. Louis to Dallas, or from like Kirkwood, Missouri to Los Angeles, California.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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