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Opening public bus routes without a big company


Opening public bus routes without a big company

On Facebook, there are some school bus groups where some people take old school buses and redesign them to be either motorhomes or for other uses.  Crown and Gillig used to make some of the very few buses that were built for long haul service.  Of course, many of them came with manual transmissions.  Most school buses in those days had what were called "compound transmissions" meaning 1st was classified as a "Deep Under" gear which was mainly used for climbing steep hills with a full load or for use on heavy ice.  If you had a 4 possible forward speeds, and a deep under in 1st, 3 of them were truly usable on the road due that you would be starting off in 2nd instead of 1st.  1st was one gear that would make the engine scream at you.  St. Louis was one of the cities that was hit pretty hard when many routes in highly senior citizen populated areas were closed.  And those routes ran in South St. Louis County.  Here is my idea for if you want to create your own bus service and help others in the St. Louis area.  There are at least three routes that need to be opened:


Lemay Ferry Road

Service should start at 4756 Krumm Road which is the Krumm Road Meramec Greenway trailhead.  The service should grab Meramec Bottom Road, north on Lemay Ferry Road, stopping at just about pretty much of the entrances to the subdivisions, between Meramec Bottom Road and Lindbergh.  Then the line would turn to the north on Lindbergh Blvd. looping around at Lindbergh and Squires Lane.  


Tesson Ferry

This route should start at Suson County Animal farm and should head north on Tesson Ferry Road.  Then after crossing Gravois Road, it should continue onto Rock Hill Road.  Then continue north onto Laclede Station Road.  The east onto Murdoch and then terminate at the Shrewsbury MetroLink station.  



Service should start at Bee Tree Park, north on Becker Road, then north on Telegraph Road, west onto Sappington Barracks Road,loop through South County Mall, then north on Union Road, west on Reavis Road continue north onto Mackenzie Road, the route should work it's way to the Shrewsbury MetroLink station.  

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