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A cool benifit on driving a public bus

When it comes to driving a bus, there are two things that are most common. And I am sure you have seen the link to Metro that I had posted several times. When you open the doors to pick someone up, the rules state that you can't judge anyone by their looks at all. Although if you have a unruly passenger onboard, you have the right to make them get off the bus. And if they don't have any money, you have the right to pull away from the stop and leave them behind. Here is another benefit that I think should be classified as a rule for all transit agencies. If a child that looks to be about 3 to 5 years old, left alone sitting at a stop, and it is cold outside, if you let that little child on and use your bus as a shelter, some transit agencies may even give you a reward. At least that is what I saw on YouTube. Also what I saw on YouTube is that in Paris, where a bus driver made several people get off for being rude on the bus by not getting up and moving to another seat to make room for the wheelchair passenger. And that bus driver got a reward for it.

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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(1 comment) @PatrickR720159 are you a bus driver?

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No, I am not a bus driver.  But I have been watching videos about what it is like to be one.  The thing is that I want St. Louis and other large cities to get back to normal operation.  St. Louis has seen countless route closures and if we get more people to drive the buses, we can start getting those routes reopened.  I used to volunteer in the customer service departments, I have seen many dos and don'ts on handling the job of being a bus driver.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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Patrick, thank you for this thoughtful post! I so appreciate you and all who provide transportation for those of us who rely on that!

I want everyone to know how you Professional Drivers have served not just we US citizens for decades but globally...

Not everyone can afford their own car or transportation, and we rely on these Professional Drivers; some have chosen to stop driving due to age or health, and you have given us freedom without being drivers ourselves.

Thank you for every day you take us where we need to go! You are true heroes!


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You'r e welcome. We got to keep this very well visible so that way we can get more people to drive the buses.  What I saw on YouTube is where in Paris, when they saw several of his passengers chose to be unruly by not offering a seat to a passenger in a wheelchair, he made everyone get off the bus and didn't get in trouble for it.  So that goes to show that if you get the job at Metro as a bus driver, you have the authority to make troublemakers get off the bus.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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