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I am almost 60 years old and getting divorce.  I am in need of a job.  Have almost 70 applications out there and have not heard from any.  Looking for a receptionist job or a front office job.  At this point I will almost take anything.  Have even applied at Wal Mart, Sams, Kohls, Target and so many more.  Any suggestions..thnaks


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I'm retired, not  liking it. Could use more $$$ & feeling useful & active.  I'm healthy, like to be busy. I'd stock shelves a few days a week somewhere ! Husband says no one wants to hire 'old people'.

I've been wondering about doing online surveys for a few bucks. Could get free samples too !

Anybody else do these surveys & what was it worth it ?


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@grandmaloyd So sorry to hear about your divorce. You must be quite stressed out. What general area are you located? That will help with job location. It sounds like you are giving it your all. Sometimes that is what it takes... Good luck to you...

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