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I’m hoping that someone out there can help me or point me in the right direction to find help. Essentially, I haven’t worked full time since the end of 2014. I was a graphic designer/production artist for an advertising agency in Atlanta until medical issues that culminated in surgery caused me to miss a great deal of work. Now I’m 62 and the market isn’t falling all over itself to hire someone my age for a creative position. However, I still want and need to work.


My issue is that I’ve seen and worked with coaches and counselors etc. with the goal of finding a new direction that my skill set compliments. Also, some assistance finding a job once that direction has been determined. Unfortunately, every person I’ve worked with has ignored my goals and focused entirely on finding a position in the graphic arts. In 2016 alone, I applied for over 300 jobs and got three interviews and no offers. I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed.


So, if anyone out there has any suggestions, advice, or any thing else, I’d really appreciate hearing from you. At this point I’ve exhausted my contacts and my resources and the void that’s left behind is becoming overwhelming. I need someone to help me determine what I should do and assist me in pursuing that goal. If you’ve been through a similar suggestion, please let me know how you got out of it.

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Hi, @WilliamS809898, AARP is hosting an upcoming online career expo that may be of interest to you. This a free event that can help you stay relevant in the changing job market. Our Online Career Expo is a three‑hour, come‑and‑go event where you can get advice on resume writing, learn from a career coach, hear from featured employers, or explore helpful resources, career chats, and sessions on remote work, jobs in demand, improving skills and more. Here are the details: 

Staying Competitive and Relevant for What’s Next

September 30, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET

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If this date/time doesn't fit your schedule, register anyway and you’ll be able to access on‑demand webinars, resources, ask questions and search our job board later. 

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Hi @WilliamS809898  and welcome. I don't have but a few ideas. You didn't mention anything you particularly might want to do in the future. 

There are some sources on the AARP site. I don't know if you have looked all around. On the Menu at the top of the page drop down box is a category called Work & Jobs. Lots of articles and some resources. There is a Job Search page. I just put my state in the Job Board box on the right and got nearly 200,000 listings. Narrowed down, you might find a few. There is also a page I found . There are also articles and other things on the AARP site related to jobs that can give points if you join the rewards program.

Brief: I had a career for many years, was injured and went to school for another career. Did that for many years and company moved.  Went to school for another career. Did that for many years and did not like the new policies. Then found a part time, no benefits job that I just loved doing for many years and still do (except a little less now due to pandemic shutdown and now being a caregiver). 

Those are a few things I thought of for you to check. The most important thing is to not give up and keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities in your community. Sometimes even things overheard in line somewhere can give you an idea. Good luck.

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