Fired for being too competent?

Hello Everyone:

In the last few years I shifted my career. After a few duds, I finally found what I thought was a “great” job: instructional designer/technologist at a community college. I was hired by someone in our age group and did the job to great praise and appreciation for about a year. Then the new, inexperienced and immature VP of Instruction assigned a different supervisor; neither were knowledgeable about what I did, about me, or about technology (I was working the computer biz when these folks were in grammar school!) My new boss was also disrespectful, rude, a bully. I spoke to HR. I spoke to the college president. I was terminated. At least two other very experienced people in my age group were also terminated last year, although there’s no legal evidence of age discrimination. I described the events to the head of HR at the state community college office. She told me all the rules had been followed so there was nothing she could do.


Has anyone else experienced negative effects of being too competent, or too assertive? There is a lot out there to help you avoid or pinpoint discrimination in the legal sense, but what about when managers follow “the rules”?

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A few years back, a Wisconsin Native American and I were working hard to design a replica of an Indian Effigy Mound for my elementary school.  Students would help construct and serve as Guides and Caretakers.  We had the full support of the kids, the principal and the school Parent Teacher Organization!  It was to be in the shape of an Eagle, the school mascot.


All our ideas, efforts, and hard work were torpedoed by a rich doctor husband and wife who convinced the principal that this construction would go against their Christian teachings.

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Hi. I am in a similar situation. I am told it would take two years to fight in court and I would have to compile the evidence which may or may not be accepted

The truth is age discrimination can't be fought unless you have money and time. And if you have those you don't need a suit.

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I agree 100%.  

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